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  1. You wish to redirect it to /blog/new-example. You do that by writing the following in .htaccess (I have put spaces in the target URL to keep Quora from creating a link, but the latter must be a COMPLETE URL): redirect 301 /blog/example/ http : // www . site . com/blog/new-example/
  2. Here are the two steps that you need to take to force WordPress HTTPS without plugin: Step 1: Backup Your Site. Take a complete backup of your website before implementing any of the steps below. If something goes wrong, you can quickly restore your site to normal. This is a safety precaution that even the most experienced developers take
  3. Changing the WordPress Login URL without a plugin is very easy and handy and I would personally recommend it. First of all, To be safe than sorry take a backup of wp-.php and store in a safe place just in case of any wrong step. All you need is access to your site's files and should have a text editor (I'm using Notepad++)
  4. If you want a WordPress redirect plugin to automatically redirect to the HTTPS version of the URL, Easy HTTPS Redirection will be perfect for you. You can redirect it when anyone tries to access a non-HTTPS version of the URL. However, you must ensure that your website has an SSL certificate for this plugin to work properly. Without installing the SSL certificate, you can't use the HTTPS URLs of your website
  5. Redirect manager. Create and manage redirects quickly and easily without needing Apache or Nginx knowledge. If your WordPress supports permalinks then you can use Redirection to redirect any URL. There is full support for regular expressions so you can create redirect patterns to match any number of URLs

Edit Your WordPress functions.php File to Create a Redirect Another way to create a 301 redirect for your WordPress website is by editing the functions.php file in a child theme. Any WordPress theme folder has a functions.php file, which contains important code for your site 301 Redirects is a free WordPress redirect plugin. It allows you to create 301 and 302 redirects on your website. The plugin is helpful when you are updating your content and expiring the outdated pages. 301 Redirects helps you redirect users to pages, posts, custom post types, archives, and other pages How to Create 301 Redirects in WordPress Without a Plugin. By The Web Flash · September 30, 2017 · Updated April 5, 2018 WordPress. 301 (permanent) redirects are very useful when you have moved your content to a new location. By setting up a 301 redirect, we can ensure that visitors and search engines are directed to the correct page. If your site is hosted on a server running Apache, the. Another way to redirect pages is to use something called the .htaccess command; in other words, coding your WordPress site yourself without the help of a plugin. This ensures the redirect will work and is a good choice if you're trying to avoid over-reliance on plugins or if you simply want to learn a bit of coding to work out the old brain cells Recent Redirect Hack - WordPress site redirecting to digestcolect [.] com. By exploiting plugin vulnerabilities (XSS) Vulnerabilities such as Stored Cross-site Scripting (XSS) in WordPress plugins make it possible for hackers to add malicious JavaScript code to your website. When hackers get to know that a plugin is vulnerable to XSS, they find all the sites that are using that plugin and try to hack it. Plugins such a

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Redirecting WordPress website URL isn't a that level of tough job. You can do it yourself in minutes. WordPress website let you redirect www to non-www and vice versa. I am going to demonstrate you both procedures. There are popular two ways to make this work done. First one is through .htaccess file and another is using your website cPanel. Let's do it through both ways To move your site to non-www, find your .htaccess file using your host's file manager or an FTP client. Within it, look for the following code: RewriteEngine On. If the code isn't there, insert it at the top of your file. Then, to redirect non-www to www, use the following code directly below RewriteEngine On: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^yourdomain.com [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.yourdomain.com/$1 [L,R=301] For www to non-www, use Safe Redirect Manager is a free redirect plugin from 10up, a well-known WordPress development agency. It offers a performance-boosting approach that stores your redirects as custom post types in WordPress. You can choose from different redirect codes and even add your own status codes using a developer filter I'm running the plugin to redirect to a site without www in the domain and it works just fine. There is a condition in the plugin that will prevent you from redirecting to the same domain as your current website. What site is the plugin installed on and where are you trying to redirect to Upload https-redirection folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Plugin settings are located in 'Settings', 'HTTPS Redirection'

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Redirection WordPress Plugin Redirection ist ein kostenloses WordPress Plugin, dass neben einfachen 404-Redirects noch weitere mächtige Features bietet: Massenweiterleitung von beliebig vielen Links nach definierbaren Schemata; Ausnahmeregeln für einzelne Links; Tracking aller Links mit 404-Fehler 6. Device Redirect - Redirect WordPress Plugin. Device Redirect is a very simple plugin which supports only three types of redirection - sitewide, global, and local. In sitewide redirection, you can redirect every page to a specific URL, and with global redirection, you can redirect your users according to the screen types WordPress Redirections Plugin. Finally, a Redirection Manager that is the real deal. Manage your website's redirections with the superhero-like powers bestowed in the most complete Redirection Manager plugin created for WordPress, ever

How to setup a URL Redirect without a plugin on WordPress

Upload https-redirection folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Aktiviere das Plugin im Menü ‚Plugins' im WordPress Backend. Plugin settings are located in ‚Settings', ‚HTTPS Redirection' Are you leaving WordPress.com? Would you like to redirect yourblogname.wordpress.com (as well as all of your permalinks) to your new domain name? Have you recently changed your blog address and need to redirect traffic to the new name? The Site Redirect upgrade lets you do just that — and managing the redirect couldn't be easier In WordPress in particular (versus an HTML site), it can be hard to manually use a Canonical URL on each page of your site without a plugin, because of the way theme templates work in the content management system. This article will aim to help clear up some of the questions WordPress users may have about the Canonical URL. Non-WordPress users. If you haven't already installed the Redirection plugin for WordPress, do so now. When you first install the Redirection plugin, it gives you the option to automatically track changes to URLs and to set up redirects. It will also check the revisions to your existing posts and pages and set up redirects from old slugs you might have used for them. In the screenshot below, it's picked up on a. After talking about WordPress redirect plugins let's have a look at the alternatives method to set WordPress redirect without the use of plugins by using .htaccess. Setting Up Redirects Using .htaccess Manually. You can also set 301 Redirects using .htaccess, a web server configuration file. These redirects are fast but a small mistake in .htaccess code can make your WordPress site.

How To Force Redirect HTTP To HTTPS In WordPress

404-Fehler im WordPress-Redirect-Plug-in anzeigen lassen Redirection verfügt über eine besonders praktische Funktion: Sie können sich 404-Meldungen anzeigen lassen, die hervorgerufen wurden, nachdem Besucher oder Suchmaschinen versucht haben, eine Seite aufzurufen, die nicht mehr existiert. Klicken Sie dafür auf 404s in der oberen Leiste. Anschließend werden Ihnen etwaige 404. Fixing non-www Redirection In this Article. non-www → www; www → non-www; Redirection non-www → www. If you have a problem with the redirection of the non-www to the www version of your URL, use the following helper plugin. The plugin will add the correct redirect rule to your .htaccess file. Download (.zip): WP Rocket | Redirect non. How to redirect non-logged users requesting for a specific page/URL to another page/URL and display a message like for members only. I know its quite easy to code using !is_user_logged_in() function but i don't know how to code it because i am a newbie to WordPress. Care to tell me the file to put the code also Country and Mobile Redirect for WordPress: is essentially a plugin to redirect visitors based on various criteria including country, city, continent, state or region. Besides blocking users, you can choose to add popups for redirects. Not only is it compatible with popular caching plugins, it's also compatible with WMPL, Caldera Forms, and multisites It's possible to redirect pages to HTTPS without a plugin, but if you're not a developer, WP Force SSL is a basic plugin that redirects all WordPress site pages from HTTP to HTTPS. It doesn't come with the advanced options of some of the other plugins. Note: With this plugin, users will need to add https to the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) parameters under General.

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Updating WordPress or your themes and plugins; TL;DR: Hacked redirect malware is super-difficult to pinpoint and remove manually. The good news is that you can clean up your website in less than 60 seconds, using a malware removal tool. Contents hide. What Is Happening to Your Website. How Do You Know For Sure That You Have the WordPress Hacked Redirect Malware? How to Clean Your Website from. In case you just want to redirect a page or a post without deleting it, Page Links to plugin is your guy. The plugin adds a meta box on your post edit page that allows you to type in the address you wish to redirect your users to. Simple 301 Redirects. This one is a great WordPress redirects plugin, and, as the name suggests, it simplifies the 301 redirects. Everything you need can be done in. Redirection is a WordPress plugin to manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors, and generally tidy up any loose ends your site may have. This is particularly useful if you are migrating pages from an old website, or are changing the directory of your WordPress installation. Features include If you have intentionally set up redirects on your WordPress site (such as with a plugin like Redirection), you'd be wise to check them after seeing ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS to make sure you haven't unintentionally created a loop.However, the most common cause of this issue can be found in your site's settings. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS in WordPress: How to Fix It in Two Minutes ⏱

Solche WordPress Redirect-Plug-ins werden auch als 301-Redirect-Plug-ins bezeichnet und erleichtern Dir die Arbeit. Dank dieser WordPress-Plug-ins musst Du nicht durch eine Vielzahl an Zeilen klicken und unverständliche sowie umständliche Codes eingeben. Die Plug-ins sind in der Regel mit übersichtlicher Benutzeroberfläche ausgestattet, die Dir auch grafisch eine einfache Bedienung. I'll show you how to use WordPress Redirect Plugin to create 301 redirects from a URL to another page. The steps for the redirection in WordPress are easy since there are plenty of plugins that. Redirection is designed to be used on sites with a few redirects to sites with thousands of redirects. It has been a WordPress plugin for over 10 years and has been recommended countless times. And it's free! Full documentation can be found at https://redirection.me. Redirection is compatible with PHP from 5.6 and upwards (including 7.4). Redirect manager. Create and manage redirects quickly. Redirection is designed to be used on sites with a few redirects to sites with thousands of redirects. It has been a WordPress plugin for over 10 years and has been recommended countless times. And it's free! Full documentation can be found at https://redirection.me. Redirection is compatible with PHP from 5.6 and upwards (including 8.0). Redirect manager. Create and manage redirects quickly.

Change your WordPress site's domain without losing all your hard-won SEO rankings. Tell the Google crawler a page has been permanently moved. 301 redirects vs 302 redirects. Although five different types of redirects exist—301, 302, 303, 307, and 308—301 and 302 are the most commonly used. 301- A 301 redirect in WordPress is a permanent redirect. It permanently points both Google bots. Force HTTPS in WordPress by Using Plugin. It is the easiest way to redirect all traffic to https in WordPress. Different plugins are available for this purpose, but in this article, we are going to use really simple SSL plugin. This plugin is recommended and widely used by websites. Follow the below mentioned simple steps to download and. SEO Redirection is a powerful redirect manager to manage 301 redirects, you can build and manage redirects easily for your site, This plugin is useful if you want to migrating pages from an old website, or are changing the directory of your WordPress website

How to Duplicate a WordPress Page Without a Plugin. This section is for those who don't want to use a plugin to duplicate or clone a page. Maybe, you just want to copy a single page or post and it does not make sense to install a plugin in such cases. WordPress has a Copy All Content option using which you can copy the content of any page. Let me show you how to use that feature. First. How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress. There are a couple different options you have when choosing to redirect HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress. If you're a Kinsta client, the easiest way is to use our force HTTPS tool (recommended). Another way is to do it at the server level, or you can even do it with a free WordPress plugin. Note: Our. For not-so-technical WordPress users, a malware removal solution such as Astra would be the fastest & easiest way to find, remove, and fix the WordPress redirection issue without breaking your site. If you want to manually scan your site and find a solution based on the type of redirection hack you are facing, follow each of the steps given ahead Andere WordPress Weiterleitungs-Plugins. Dies ist nicht das einzige WordPress Weiterleitungs Plugin, das du verwenden kannst. 301 Redirects ist ein weiteres beliebtes Plugin, das von Benutzern auf der Suche nach einer Liste mit Konfigurationsoptionen bevorzugt wird. Mit über 80.000 aktiven Installationen ist es sicherlich gut getestet worden.

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I'm creating a customized WordPress theme based on an existing site. I want to use an alternate dashboard which I have created. How can I have the user directed to 'news.php' after instead of '/wp-admin/' ? EDIT: Have a working Plug-in for this but the bounty is still availible for anyone who can find a manual way to do this through functions.php, as it would be more secure then using a. How to Hide the Page Title Without a Plugin. Say, you want to remove the title of just one or two pages on your WordPress site. In such cases, you may not want to install a plugin. Also, some users don't like to use a plugin for every problem. The good news is there are 3 ways by which you can hide the page title without using a plugin. Let. redirect your visitors to another destination when they land on your site; ensure rankings remain intact ; collect users' email addresses; notify all your subscribers as soon as your site is live again; increase your social followers; By default, WordPress offers the option to add a maintenance mode page to your website. But there's nothing much you can do with it in terms of enhancing it Comment Redirect Wordpress Plugin. 89 likes. COMMENT REDIRECT IS A WORDPRESS PLUGIN THAT REDIRECTS USERS AFTER COMMENTING AND INCREASES SUBSCRIBERS BY USING A POP U

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After your WordPress users , by default, they'll stay on the page. But what if you wanted to send them to your home page, latest blog post, sales page, or your most popular content? With the Profile Builder plugin, you can redirect your users to your chosen page after they log in. To do this, go to Profile Builder > Custom Redirects These WordPress plugins make it easy to create redirects without needing to use an FTP to access the backend, and in most cases, no coding knowledge is necessary to be successful. Redirection. With over 800,000 active users on WordPress, this plugin has been reviewed by users as the simplest way to add and manage redirects in WordPress. To use it, just install and activate the plugin, then go.

This plugin will help you automatically setup a redirection to the https version of an URL when anyone tries to access the non-https version. Lets say for example, you want to use HTTPS URL for the following page on your site Simple 301 Redirects wird auch von Raidboxes empfohlen und kann im WordPress Plugin Verzeichnis heruntergeladen werden. Im deutschen Verzeichnis lautet der übersetzte Name des Plugins Einfache 301 Weiterleitungen. Für mich persönlich sind ja Plugins wie Produkte, deren Namen nicht übersetzt werden sollten. Finde es eher verwirrend. Aber das soll jetzt nicht Thema dieses Beitrags sein.

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  1. If You want to redirect link to your homepage or other useful stuff links you can follow simple steps: function custom__url () { return 'http://www.addwebsolution.com'; } add_filter ('_headerurl', 'custom__url'); Here we use _headerurl wordpress filter to change the url. 3
  2. Redirection — This is the most popular solution in the WordPress directory. It can redirect via Core, htaccess, and Nginx server redirects. Simple 301 Redirects — Easy to use, few options, does just what you need and nothing more. Safe Redirect Manager — With this plugin, you can choose which redirect code you want to use (remember what.
  3. The .htaccess file and redirection plugins are, however, some of the most accessible options. Method one: Use the Redirection WordPress plugin for page-level 301 redirects. The free Redirection WordPress plugin is great for setting a 301 redirect in WordPress on the page level. That is, redirecting yoursite.com/old-page to yoursite.com/new-page
  4. Um dies zu testen, solltest du alle Plugins deaktivieren. Dazu loggst du dich auf deinen FTP Server ein und änderst den Verzeichnispfad, der zu den Plugins führt. Z.B.: /wp-content/plugins. wird zu /wp-content/plugins_backup. So können alle Plugins die auf deiner Seite installiert wurden nicht mehr aufgerufen werden. Versuche nun erneut dich auf deiner WordPress Seite anzumelden. Wenn dies nun gelingt, ruft eins der Plugins das Problem hervor. Du solltest in diesem Fall versuchen, ein.
  5. This plugin has long been the standard in setting up and monitoring WordPress redirections because it very easily allows you to import a list of URLs in a spreadsheet, so you don't have to manually enter the redirects. 1. To install the plugin, simply search for redirection from the Plugins > Add New page in your WordPress dashboard.
  6. e the source of the problem. First, deactivate all your plugins. You can do this in bulk from Plugins > Installed Plugins in your dashboard

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  1. The only way to handle this, without disabling canonical redirect, is to attach a filter into that redirect function and prevent a change in some cases. The filter you need for this is redirect_canonical
  2. ; 1. Scheduling Automatic Backup Using cPane
  3. 5. WP URLs - WordPress URL Shortener Plugin. WP URLs Shortener is an amazing WordPress URL shortener plugin. It provides you with various features like instantly creating shortcodes for any post page, archive or anything else in your database. This makes it easy for you to share these short links with friend or readers anytime you want
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How to Create 301 Redirects in WordPress Without a Plugin

Many WordPress plugins can add a contact form to your blog, but a plugin is not necessary. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how you can create a built-in contact form for your WordPress theme 301 Redirects plugin is one of the best free redirect managers out there for implementing redirects in WordPress. While choosing a plugin for redirects, you want to make sure that they offer fast redirections and include other important features such as your ability to set up a custom destination URL, retain query string across redirects, manage bulk redirects and as well as monitor your.

This is where you place the web address of the page you want to redirect users. For instance, you can set a WordPress to redirect to the homepage by typing: http://www.YourHomePage.com in either of these areas. Of course you want to change the YourHomePage portion with your domain name Without a website redirect, users will be taken to a 404 error page, and according to IMPACT, this will cause 73.72% of visitors to leave and never return to your site. Your guide to setting up a WordPress.com 301 redirect. Log in to your WordPress.com website and go to Plugins > Add New. In order to activate plugins on your site, you'll need a WordPress.com Business or eCommerce plan; you can upgrade right from that page if you need to A much simpler way of creating redirects is by using WordPress redirect plugins. These WordPress plugins make it easy to create redirects without needing to use an FTP to access the backend, and in most cases, no coding knowledge is necessary to be successful. Redirection. With over 800,000 active users on WordPress, this plugin has been reviewed by users as the simplest way to add and manage redirects in WordPress WordPress Malware Removal With WP Hacked Help. If you don't have time or the expertise to s can and clean up WordPress Hacked Redirect then we can do it for you. This is a priority service that will restore your hacked WordPress site in a day or les s. We take full WordPress database backup & scan your entire site to ensure all malware is deleted, and all infected and vulnerable files are. As soon as I disable the wordpress https plugin I would hazard a guess without you posting your ELB configuration that the ELB is redirecting HTTPS (443/tcp) traffic to the EC2 instance on HTTP (80/tcp). Then you're .htaccess and plugin are trying to redirect it back to HTTPS because it is being seen over HTTP. Go take a look at your EC2 console under Network & Security > Load Balancers.

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Go to 'Settings' in the WordPress admin menu and then click on 'Website Redirect'. Enter the URL you want to redirect the site to, set the desired redirection type, set the status to 'Enabled' and save your changes! Note: Redirection type can either be 'Temporary' or 'Permanent' And without worrying about making a mistake that could break your site. WordPress Redirection Plugins. There are plenty of free and premium-quality WordPress redirection plugins available at wordpress.org. Here are the top 3 most popular and top-recommended solutions that gained the biggest demand in the community. Redirection is the most popular redirection WordPress plugin, with more than 1.

How to Redirect a URL in WordPress: A Comprehensive Guide

301 Redirects helps you create and manage the 301 and 302 redirects for your WordPress site (a 301 redirect indicates the page has permanently moved, while a 302 redirect indicates that the page move is temporary). 301 Redirects is easy to install and configure, and you can use it for both new sites or for repairing links after you reorganize your existing WordPress content Removing WordPress redirects added by hackers. Fortunately, removing WordPress redirects is usually a simple process. 1) Change your passwords and check registered users. If a hacker has managed to gain access to your administration section, you will need to change the passwords for all WordPress users. You will also have to ensure that no additional users have been added by the hacker. To be on the safe side, you should also generate new WordPress salt keys and passwords for FTP. Go to Profile Builder > Custom Redirects and scroll down to the Redirect Default WordPress Forms and Pages section. In the Redirect Type dropdown, select Login. In the Redirect URL field, enter the URL of your frontend page you just created. Click the Save Changes button

WordPress Hacked Redirect? Fixing Malicious Redirects in

Redirection is a WordPress plugin to manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors, and generally tidy up any loose ends your site may have. This is particularly useful if you are migrating pages from an old website, or are changing the directory of your WordPress installation. Note: this is the current 'trunk' version of Redirection. It may be newer than what is in the WordPress.org. Add Google Analytics to WordPress Without a Plugin. Before we get started, make sure to backup your WordPress theme, so in case something goes wrong, you can easily revert it back. You'll be directly editing the code that outputs your site, so a mistake as small as a misplaced comma could bring down your whole site. Be sure to make a backup just in case. Step 1: Get Your Google Analytics. WordPress redirect loop issue occurs when the platform keeps redirecting you to the wp-admin page even though you input the correct credentials. Depending on its cause, there are three ways to solve the WordPress redirect loop issue: clearing browser cookies and cache , restoring .htaccess file , and deactivating themes and plugins

How to Redirect WWW to Non WWW and Vice Versa in WordPress

Using the «Temporary Login Without Password» plugin you can create a self-expiring account for someone and give them a special link with which they can to your WordPress without needing a username and password. You can choose when the expires, as well as the role of the temporary account Comment Redirect Wordpress Plugin. September 5, 2013 · Boca Raton, FL ·. Great article and review from pythoughts.com. Psychologists say that socially rewarding behavior with a Thank you is reinforcing, and that this rewarded behavior will continue into the future. Why not. pythoughts.com How to Add 301 Redirects to WordPress With Simple 301 Redirects. For most minor 301 redirects, you can use a free plugin called Simple 301 Redirects. While you can manually use .htaccess for everything (the next method that I'll show you), I like this plugin because: You can quickly create 301 redirects without leaving your WordPress dashboar

Redirect a WordPress site from non-WWW to WW

Add this code above the #BEGIN WordPress line in your htaccess. Method #1 . This one uses less code but has more redirects when you use page tools. It works well but perhaps slightly less efficient than the second. (I recommend this method for everyone using Swift Performance plugin.) WITHOUT www (all visits go to https://domain.com): #301 https redirects to without WWW RewriteEngine On. Hackers are currently attacking WordPress websites with outdated versions of the WP Live Chat Support plugin to redirect visitors to malicious locations or expose them to unwanted popups and fake. How to manually backup your WordPress website without a plugin. Last updated on March 04th, 2021 by Tom Rankin. Filed under WordPress Admin Tips. Home; WordPress Security Blog ; How to manually backup your WordPress website without a plugin; It's important to understand the most fundamental WordPress tasks when running your site. Security, of course, should be one of your primary.

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My redirects aren't working - the old .html page still shows For this plugin to work, the page must be within the WordPress environment. If you are redirecting older .html or .php files, you must first delete them. The plugin can't redirect if the file still exists, sorry! You should look into .htaccess redirects if you want to keep these files on your server Must-Have WordPress Plugins - to get the most essential plugins for your website in one bundle. All plugins will be installed, activated and checked for proper functioning. Finest Stock Images for Websites - to create amazing visuals. You'll get access to Depositphotos.com to choose 15 images with unlimited topic and size selection 301 redirects allow you to seamlessly redirect traffic from one URL to another without negatively affecting user experience for humans or SEO for robots. In this post, I'll show you how you can add 301 redirects to WordPress using a free plugin, as well as via your site's .htaccess file. For the latter, I'll also cover the redirect code snippets for all the scenarios that I mentioned in.

Duplicating WordPress Page or Post Without Plugins. Besides using plugins, you can also tweak some codes to duplicate WordPress pages and posts. While this method sounds like a bother, it is actually quite simple. We strongly recommend to backup your website before editing any WordPress files. The code snippet below will enable post duplication in WordPress: /* * Function for post duplication. WordPress Security Scanner. The Wordfence scanner checks core files, themes and plugins for malware, bad URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirects and code injections. It also compares your files with what is in the WordPress.org repository, checking their integrity and reporting any changes to you. Repair files that have changed by. WP Force SSL helps you redirect insecure HTTP traffic to secure HTTPS one without touching any code. Just activate Force SSL and everything will be configured for you and SSL enabled. The entire site will move to HTTPS using your SSL certificate. It works with any SSL certificate. It can be free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt or a paid SSL certificate The Force HTTPS SSL Plugin is intended to be an all-in-one solution to enable SSL or TLS on WordPress sites. Our Force HTTPS plugin forces the WordPress to use HTTPS to access pages on your site and automatically create an HTTPS redirection that changes HTTP calls to HTTPS, this HTTPS encryption makes your site more secure. HTTPS pages build. To secure your WordPress admin section one must obscure your WordPress admin URL. And must not have common admin URLs like /admin, /, /wp-admin.php etc. These are 2 ways you can hide or change your WordPress URL. With Plugin Without Plugin

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