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Ontological paradox is a paradox of time travel that questions the existence and creation of data and objects to travel in time. It is closely related to predestination paradox. For example, a man who wants to build a time machine at the age of 30 must stay in his future Ontological paradox. Ontological paradox. An ontological paradox is a paradox of time travel that questions the existence and creation of information and objects that travel in time. It is very closely related to the predestination paradox and usually occurs at the same time. In simpler terms, an object is brought back in time, and it becomes the.

The notion of objects or information that are self-existing in this way is often viewed as paradoxical, with several authors referring to a causal loop involving information or objects without origin as a bootstrap paradox,: 343 an information paradox, or an ontological paradox Ontological paradox This post is about a time travel paradox, one i find really interesting: The Ontological Paradox, aka Bootstrap Paradox, it's described as follows: Assuming time travel is possible, something, either a physical item or info, travels from the future to the past, and becomes the item that was sent back in time in the first place, thus, having no discernible origin, this creates an infinite loop

God has Ontological Existence The religious philosophers, over the centuries have tried to establish the existence of God and have come up with numerous arguments .Major arguments about His existence are Cosmological, Ontological, Teleological and the Moral Law Argument.The Cosmological Argument comes from the Greek word 'cosmos', which means the world The first ontological argument in Western Christian tradition was proposed by Saint Anselm of Canterbury in his 1078 work, Proslogion (Latin: Proslogium, lit. 'Discourse on the Existence of God'), in which he defines God as a being than which no greater can be conceived, and argues that such being must exist in the mind, even in that of the person who denies the existence of God. [1 Ontological Paradox Also known as the Bootstrap Paradox, this occurs in a Stable Time Loop if you're not very careful about what you're doing, involving events that are their own causes. While not a paradox in the strictest sense - events remain self-consistent - it does violate normal expectations in surprising ways note Quantum physics comes into play, see discussion And John Connor.) and the even more mind-squirming bootstrap paradox note (also called the ontological paradox), in which the time loop allows for the existence of information or objects that have no origin. The classic hypothetical bootstrap paradox is to jump into the future, steal some wondrous gadget, come back to the original time, grab the patent on that gadget and start mass-producing them immediately. Eventually, they become so ubiquitous or so common that you, ten, twenty years. Die Ontologie ist eine Disziplin der Philosophie, die sich mit der Einteilung des Seienden und den Grundstrukturen der Wirklichkeit befasst. Dieser Gegenstandsbereich ist weitgehend deckungsgleich mit dem, was nach traditioneller Terminologie allgemeine Metaphysik genannt wird. Dabei wird die Systematik grundlegender Typen von Entitäten in ihren strukturellen Beziehungen diskutiert. Fragen, die spezielle Gegenstandsbereiche der Philosophie betreffen, sind zum Beispiel.

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The Wire: Its like Law and Order on crack. The emotional and social depths that this show travels to are astounding. Its use of subtlety and nuances are unmatched. Where a show would lean hard on an issue, they let the truth float to the surface, sometimes revealing a completely different plot. But you never feel cheated. This is one of the best shows that takes an unyielding stance on our. It is also known as an Ontological Paradox, in reference to ontology, a branch of metaphysics dealing with the study of being and existence. Etymology of Bootstrap Paradox The term Bootstrap Paradox is derived from the expression to pull oneself over a fence by one's bootstraps, which indicates performing an impossible or ludicrous task

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Research on organizational paradox has been burgeoning in recent decades. While consensus is growing on the definition of organizational paradox as persistent contradictions between interdependent elements, its ontology continues to be contested. The inherent and constitutive views of organizational paradox adopt competing ontological positions on organizational paradox as existing. The Great Ontological Paradox. by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. [PDF version of this article] June 28, 2013. The Massachusetts Bay Colony had survived, up to a certain point, in spite of the Anglo-Dutch tyranny's murderous crushing of the original Massachusetts Bay Colony's Pine Tree Shilling system. In the course of my own, and some others' current efforts, we must present the U.S. population with. Ontological Paradox Paradoks waktu paling fenomenal dunia yang ketiga , Ontological Paradox atau Bootstrap Paradox adalah paradoks yang menciptakan endless loop , ketidakjelasan tanpa ujung. Apabila Anda adalah seorang ilmuan dan mempelajari secara mendalam teori relativitas Einstein hingga sangat menguasainya, lalu Anda melakukan time travel ke masa lalu ONTOLOGICAL PARADOX. ne has the ability to choose from the multiple patterns of lives with the chance of being embedded in one of the possible past-future pairs (Santas 39). The possibility of breaking out of limitations of only being able to exist in the present has led to many depictions of possible situations where human beings are able to freely move through the past present and future. Ontological paradox. Page 8 of 26 - About 257 essays. Ethical Dilemma Case Study 842 Words | 4 Pages. An ethical dilemma is a situation by which it's difficult to determine whether a situation is can be handled without disappointing both sides. Therefore, an ethical dilemma exists when the right thing to do is clear or when members of the healthcare team cannot agree on the right thing to do.

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Ontological Paradox | Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Yu-Gi-Oh! Custom Wiki. 59,058 Pages. Add new page. Top Content. Most Visited . Red-Eyes Ultimate Dragon; Spell Card; Dark Cyber End Dragon; Salamangreat Pelica; Dark. Thus, they haven't shown that the ontological paradox and, thus, the paradox of expressibility, can be attributed to Nāgārjuna. They own us a reason ⎯ whether in terms of an ultimate analysis or a conventional analysis ⎯ why we should think of Nāgārjuna as accepting such paradoxes. Truth-MakersNow, even though Garfield and Priest have failed to establish that Nāgārjuna would accept.

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  1. During the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, the migrant farmworker came to be deemed as 'essential' worker, thereby complicating discourses of 'illegality'. This moment presents an ontological paradox..
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  3. Part 1: Apologetics for Everyone Part 2: The Cosmological Arguments. P rofessional philosophers commonly regard the Ontological Argument as the best single logical argument in favor of God's existence. In fact, many secular philosophers have conceded that the Modal Ontological Argument (the version of the argument under consideration in this article) holds up under even the most rigorous.
  4. An Ontological Paradox. Moffat seems to be quite fond of using ontological paradoxes in his writing (ie, something that creates itself), so I came up with one that would be quite hilarious. The 11th (or nth - doesnt matter) needs to regenerate after an event (explosion, gas, laser, whatever) that is caused by the 12th (or n+1, if you will). ie, he sees the face of himself, doesnt recognize.
  5. Ontological Argument: Title text: A God who holds the world record for eating the most skateboards is greater than a God who does not hold that record. Explanation . Ontology is the study of being, reality, and existence. The ontological argument is an attempt at proving the existence of God through reasoning about the nature of being. Megan's statement in the comic is likely a.
  6. A temporal paradox, time paradox, or time travel paradox is a paradox, an apparent contradiction, The terms boot-strap paradox, predestination paradox or ontological paradox are sometimes used in fiction to refer to a causal loop. Grandfather paradox The consistency paradox or grandfather paradox occurs when the past is changed in any way, thus creating a contradiction. If a time traveler.
  7. ator Trilogy, Back To The Future Trilogy and the one I already named. These movies and a general interest in the science/philosophy behind time-travel made me think about how these story arcs come to effect and how nicely they are created.

Mimsy Were The Borogoves Timeline Trial 1 Millions of Years past 1943 In the distant future located in what fits the description of a spaceship lives an all too mad scientist named Unthahorsten, who is thrilled by the completion of his new time machine. Eager to test his new Bo Outside of popular culture, the bootstrap paradox is also known as the ontological paradox. Just Added Purple Heart emoji, ☘️ Shamrock emoji, Flag of Ireland emoji, Irish goodbye, ball is life. Note. This is not meant to be a formal definition of bootstrap paradox like most terms we define on Dictionary.com, but is rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon. Understanding empowering effects of the Kurdish Diaspora on women's agency in Sweden: An ontological paradox. T. London. PDF. Download Free PDF. Free PDF. Download PDF. PDF. PDF. Download PDF Package. PDF. Premium PDF Package. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper . IntroductionThere is considerable literature pointing out. Ontological paradox. Page 7 of 23 - About 230 essays. The Family And Medical Leave Act 943 Words | 4 Pages. The Family and Medical Leave Act was introduced by President Bill Clinton in January of 1993. This policy was implemented for Americans to be awarded the opportunity to take time off and care for their new child or sick relative. In order to qualify for this unpaid maternity leave.

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The ontological or 'predestination' paradox is the idea that, in the case of time travel to the past, effect precedes cause. Future Temporal Ranger A travels to the past, inciting event B, which then forces Past Ranger A to create chronovehicle C to return to the past. In my limited understanding, this series of events can be described as a closed time loop, or a closed timelike curve. A predestination paradox (also called causal loop, causality loop, and (less frequently) It is very closely related to the ontological paradox and usually occurs at the same time. If Marty had returned to 1985 without noticing any changes in Hill Valley, then the conclusion could be drawn that he had been predestined to be part of its history 30 years earlier. However, at the end of Part I. In his early writings he took the view that in so far as the analysis of a proposition clarifies it, it also clarifies its ontological implications; thus he then held it to be an objection to a phenomenalist analysis of propositions about material objects that the analysis calls into question the existence of such objects. But he later took the opposite point of view, maintaining that a. RE-SOLVING THE LEARNING PARADOX: EPISTEMOLOGICAL AND ONTOLOGICAL QUESTIONS FOR RADICAL CONSTRUCTIVISTS ANDERSON NORTON Over 30 years ago, a debate between Jean Piaget and Noam Chomsky revived an ancient learning paradox filst intio­ duced by Plato (Piattelli-Palmarini, 1980) Chomsky challenged Piaget to explain how one could constrnct more advanced knowledge horn one's existing (less advanced.

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May 27, 2012 - It's Paradox Week on Rocketboom. Today, Molly explains the ontological paradox.Ontological Paradoxhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ontological_paradoxFor. Among these, Sexton lauds how, after Ontological Terror, the analysis of blacks' singular positionality in both the ontological and libidinal economies of Being and the World can no longer be questioned without regressing into a hallucinatory humanism. Even so, Sexton raises some subtle yet decisive questions that concern the non/coincidence of Afropessimism and black nihilism. The nature of.

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The apparent paradox in the so-called Paradox of the Ravens was simply due to a logical representation that treated logical and ontological concepts the same, namely by treating both as predicates. Ontological Paradox The bootstrap paradox is a paradox of time travel in which information or objects can exist without having been created. After information or an object is sent back in time, it is recovered in the present and becomes the very object/information that was initially brought back in time in the first place. Numerous science fiction stories are based on this paradox, which has.

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Lil Cal has been identified as a juju, and as such, his existence is an ontological paradox, meaning he has no true point of origin.. Cal is first introduced as having been part of Dave's upbringing by his bro; however it quickly becomes apparent that Dave is severely unnerved by the puppet. This turns out to be partly due to the presence of a copy of Cal in Dave's dream room on Derse's moon 1966: published Ways of Paradox. 1969: published Ontological Relativity and Other Essays. 1974: published The Roots of Reference. 1981: published Theories and Things. 1990: published Pursuit of Truth. 1995: published From Stimulus to Science. 2000: died, Boston, Massachusetts, December 25 t.h. (Note: for the sake of brevity, we have listed only Quine's most notable books, including. Ontological paradox: part our commitment to scholarly and academic excellence, all articles receive editorial review.|||... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled

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  1. The Bad Wolf was an entity that Rose Tyler briefly became after staring into the heart of the Doctor's TARDIS and directly into the Time Vortex. The Bad Wolf scattered her name throughout time as a sign to herself that she was linked to the Ninth Doctor, creating a looped ontological paradox. (TV: The Parting of the Ways) 1 Biography 1.1 Alternate timelines 2 Abilities 3 Later references.
  2. In important recent work, Polchinski reinvigorated an old paradox about black holes. Quantum fluctuations near the horizons of black holes cause them to slowly evaporate via thermal radiation. Theorists have long sought to understand how black holes evaporate in a way that preserves information about what fell in, as required by quantum mechanics. In 2012, Joe and his collaborators sharpened.
  3. iseries The Andromeda Strain, the aforementioned disease is sent back in time via a wormhole by the.
  4. Posts about Ontological Paradox written by dmmacilroy. Here is this week's 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers.It is based on a true story that is happening now and on the photo prompt shown below courtesy of John Nixon.Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for winding the ship's chronometer, to Ben Franklin for my title and to R. A. Heinlein for everything he ever wrote
  5. Typically, ontological security is re-established, prior to collapse, through re-balancing of the cultural repertoire to give broader scope to an alternative cultural form and the qualitatively different practices it organizes. Due to misrecognition, this reorganization may proceed without disturbing the ontological security of states-in-interaction. Unconscious processes, encoded into.

In recent years, Ontological Security Theory (OST) has been established as a new theory in the field of International Relations. The theory seeks to explain state behavior, and offers a new perspective on the security dilemma and the persistence of conflicts. It has proven itself helpful in explaining seemingly irrational state behavior such as an aggressive foreign policy by weak states or. How do you say Ontological paradox? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Ontological paradox on pronouncekiw The Ontological Paradox states that effect eliminates the original cause of the effect and itself becomes the cause. . . . Perhaps an example would be a lot clearer. Imagine yourself as a time traveler (obviously) and you just finished reading The Time Machine by H.G. Wells (a marvelous book I might add). You loved the book, you adored it, and you with your compulsive nature, wants to make. There are 3 videos about ontologicalparadox on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them

The ontological paradox of the kat kit: According to the current recipe, the inside of the kat kits are made of unwrapped kat kits and stuffed in turn with unwrapped kats and stuffed in turn etc... From this simple fact we draw several questions: what is the first kat kit? What was it made of inside? If there weren't other kat kits inside the first kit, is it correct to call it that? The snack. The ontological commitments of simple predication, first- and second-order quantification; nominalization, de-nominalization, and their effect on ontological commitment; Truth. Realism, Antirealism, Deflationism; History of Analytic Philosophy. Frege, Russell, Quine, Prior, Kripke . Papers Context-Sensitivity and the Preface Paradox for Credence

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User Account. Sign In Not registered? Create Profile Peter Lan Recent Posts. Ask Mubarak 2 - This is Nigeria: Freedom of Expression for the Secular March 18, 2021; Hunting and Being Hunted: Witchcraft Belief and African Enlightenment March 18, 2021; Conversation with Professor Terry Adrian Gunnell: Folkloristics, Professor, University of Iceland (1) March 15, 2021 Conversation with Dr. Ricardo Rosselló Nevares on Ph.D. in Bioengineering, Science, Being. How have paradoxes been used throughout history? How have paradoxes influenced the study of mathematics? In what ways do paradoxes challenge knowledge and truth? These and other questions are answered by Historian and Philosopher Stephen Read. One way of thinking about logical paradoxes, it seems to me, is to start with a little story that Cervantes tells in his book 'Don Quixote'. There 6. This paradox, like the other paradoxes of Zeno, is an example of reductio ad absurdum (reduction to the absurd) or proof by contradiction, which may have started with Socrates. The.

This paradox, that absurdity is birthed from the logical, is the cornerstone of Kubrick's thesis. After the sexual title cards (which we'll get to in Part III), Dr. Strangelove opens at Burpelson Air Base with Gen. Ripper informing his troops of a Soviet attack. Of course, this is all a fabrication by Ripper to force the hand of the president into launching a first strike. Opposing Ripper. A surprising ontological paradox by theoccasionaladults. A few days ago I had a life changing experience. It dawned on me that I have achieved a state of ontological singularity, quite to my surprise, as I had no idea that humans could actually do that - at least on a personal level. I should say that this particular singularity pertains to my love life. To be completely honest I had no idea. The ontological paradox. Posted on August 6, 2012 by fiskalpolicy. I'm not so sure that this is a problem if you allow for the disjointed continuation of time with the continuation centering around the object doing the traveling. The difference could be with regards to people wanting to think that their actions cease when someone travels back through time. It is an interesting situation and.

The Ontological Paradox of Experiential Ethnographers: Beyond 'Circumambulating Religion' Posted by saidmun November 4, 2019 November 5, 2019 Posted in Uncategorized. In this short blog, thematically inspired by Edith Turner's (1994) ethnographic account of extraordinary experience in Zambia, I highlight the methodological and theoretical paradox that anthropologist and perhaps any. Ontological Paradox A causal loop is a theoretical proposition in which, by means of either retrocausality or time travel, a sequence of events (actions, information, objects, people) is among the causes of another event, which is in turn among the causes of the first-mentioned event. Such causally looped events then exist in spacetime, but their origin cannot be determined

By Professor Peter Wuteh Vakunta Human beings/ And nature/ Are on a collision course / Man's activities inflict/ Irreparable harm on Mother Earth/ Earth's endangered species/ A-plenty near extinction/ It's mind-boggling!/ Four-legged animals are endowed/ With more wisdom than humans!.. Further, problems such as the liar's paradox prove that logic can form irrelevant loops: statements that are self-contained and not meaningful in reality. Most who reject ontological arguments do so for that reason, even if they can't articulate why. It simply feels wrong; our rational instincts react against the idea of simply defining something to exist. For most people, non-believers in particular, the ontological argument carries little impact The question of an ontological paradox is all about determining how something existed in the first place. In Smith & Jones the Doctor says you should never cross your own personal timeline.

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Ontological issues in the philosophy of science may be specific to a particular special science, such as questions about the ontological status of biological species, or may be more general, such as whether or not there are objective natural kinds. In the history of science, ontological issues have often been of supreme importance; for example, whether or not atoms exist, was a question that occupied many scientists in the nineteenth century. In what follows, some fundamental. faith seeking understanding, the ontological argument, and the derivation of the divine attributes from the original formula in the Proslogion repeat this pattern of yielding conclusions which are both necessary and paradoxical. Anselm does not just claim that language and experience allow the conclusion that Go Anselm begins his Ontological Argument is built on the fact that God can be defined as a being that than which a greater cannot be conceived (D5, Anselm). He is clever to begin his argument in this way, because it is a noncontroversial statement that even the most hostile Atheist would concede is true. From this premise, Anselm goes on to assume that this God exists only in the understanding, which again is not a point of contention for Atheists. However, his argument becomes. In the context of Bertrand's paradox we already discussed the principle of indifference, according to which probability should be distributed evenly over the available possibilities. A further development of this idea is presented by the requirement that a distribution should have maximum entropy. Notably, the use of entropy maximization for determining degrees of beliefs finds much broader application than only in statistics: similar ideas are taken up in diverse fields like. On Nāgārjuna's Ontological and Semantic Paradox On Nāgārjuna's Ontological and Semantic Paradox 2016-10-13 00:00:00 ON NGRJUNA'S ONTOLOGICAL AND SEMANTIC PARADOX School of Philosophy, Research School of Social Sciences Australian National University Koji.Tanaka@anu.edu.au Introduction In one of his key texts, the Mlamadhyamakakrik, Ngrjuna famously sets out to refute the ontology of.

The Ontological Paradox states that effect eliminates the original cause of the effect and itself becomes the cause. . . . Perhaps an example would be a lot clearer. Perhaps an example would be a lot clearer One consequence of a Scripture Wins, Meta/Ontological Agnostic position is that there is no longer a need to cling to the tired language of paradox. These so-called paradoxes are such only to those whose preconceptions are violated; Scripture, however, does not seem terribly enthused about such language. The erasure of paradox is not the sam While care was taken to mention and attempt to avoid the grandfather paradox, the scene with Cassandra introduces another time-travel paradox common in science-fiction: the ontological paradox. Cassandra's knowledge of what to do in the future comes from Carter who is only aware of it because Cassandra told her. The actual knowledge had no origin independent of the time travel loop Would this hypothetical model be able to serve as an locally intrinsic mechanism for the arrow of time? Could the instaton itself be treated as an example of the ontological paradox (with exception of annihilation asymmetry)? Could it provide a more comprehensive chronological protection conjecture? Just spit balling feel free to shoot holes as. Since ontological varieties of skepticism tend to be concerned with the existence of particular sorts of entities, they are usually (though not always) of this local form. In contrast, radical forms of skepticism afflict most of our beliefs and thus pose, at least potentially, the most pressing philosophical challenge. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the locus for discussion of skepticism has tended.

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The resulting spawn is sent back in time to grow up and become the thing that was cloned in the first place. Thus, a perfect paradox clone must always be destined to be sent back in time. Jane Egbert, Jake Harley, Dirk Strider, and Roxy Lalonde were created by John this way. Paradox clones are a classical case of an ontological paradox. Essentially, for example, Jane is cloned and sent back to the past to grow up and become cloned in the first place is mainly a dispute in the realm of the phi-losophy of language concerning the status relative to pretense of discourse about fiction. Realists are persuaded that there is a sharp line between discourse in fiction and discourse about fiction while pretense theorists deny there exists such a line

I think about ontological paradox on a daily basis. I love it so much. It's one of my favourite pieces of art ever. I have SO many emotions about this fanfic, I'm not kidding. and also you're right, it's absolutely a masterpiece and I'm in love with i The ontological argument has run for a long time, regularly refuted, regularly re-appearing in a new form. Something can be learnt from its longevity. Its proponents must be on to something, or it would not have survived its many refutations. But equally, it must have been much misformulated, or it would not have seemed evidently fallacious to its many critics

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The nature of conflict: Ontological paradox and existential effort of acceptance E. V. Biricheva Institute for Philosophy and Law, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, 16, ul. S. Kovalevskoi, Ekaterinburg, 620219, Russian Federation For citation: Biricheva E. V. The nature of conflict: Ontological paradox and existential effort of ac-ceptance Paradoks yang tertua dan sangat terkenal adalah paradox pembohong (liar paradox). Pernyataan. Epimenides si orang Kreta mengatakan bahwa semua orang Kreta adalah pembohong. Rangkaian premis berikut ini akan tiba pada dua konklusi yang bertentangan: Jika apa yang dikatakan Epimenides benar, ia bukan pembohong

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Anselm's ontological proof of God's existence, which he developed in his famous work titled Proslogium, begins with a definition of God. But the idea of definition here does not necessarily refer to the idea of something as produced by experience. By definition Anselm means our rather abstract conception of God when we utter the word God. For Anselm, God is a being in which. Ontological measurement. Gunji YP(1), Ito K, Kusunoki Y. The concept of indefiniteness and/or paradox appears on the surface to be based on the epistemological framework of the Cartesian cut. However, perpetual processes consisting of generation and resolution of paradoxes are beyond the epistemological framework of measurement. They lead to the notion of progression, which one can refer.

The paradox under analysis is the link between health literacy and health promotion; what the role of health literacy is when, as in the case of the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Public Health must address tens of hundreds of health promotion messages to the whole population. During the outbreak, there was an underlying uncertainty, every day new data and information emerged and. bezeichnet eine individuelle Geisteshaltung oder Welterfahrung und kulturhistorische Strömung, in der moralische Normen und Werte sowie vorgegeben Paradoxes occur when events happen that shouldn't actually be possible, for instance if a time traveler were to meet up with their former self to tell themselves to, in the future, go back in time and tell their former selves to time travel. So, if we're saying past self is self A and future self is self B, and self B goes back in time to self A, to tell self A that self B should time travel.

But the assumptions underlying every piece of research are both ontological and epistemological. Where does most social science research sit? According to Eddie, and quoting directly, most social science sits into the following: 1. Experimental (Positivist), with a more realist ontology (i.e. reality is out there), with an empiricist epistemology (i.e. and I'll gather sense data to find. An ontological paradox is a paradox of time travel that questions the existence and creation of information and objects that travel in time. It is very closely related to the predestination paradox and usually occurs at the same time. In simpler terms, an object is brought back in time, and it becomes the object that was initially brought back in time in the first place St. Anselm's ontological argument succumbs to Russell's paradox by: Viger, Christopher Published: (2002) A careful reading of St. Anselm's ontological argument by: Barrett, Clint I The ontological argument from St. Anselm to contemporary philosophers: with an introd. by Richard Taylor Published: (1968) St. Anselm's ontological argument succumbs to Russell's paradox by: Viger, Christopher Published: (2002

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  1. (uncountable) The paradox of time travel in which objects or pieces of information are never literally created, because their existence begins by arriving from the future and ends by going to the past to become themselves. en.wiktionary.org (countable) An instance of the bootstrap paradox. en.wiktionary.2016 [noun] The paradox of time travel in which objects or pieces of information are never.
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  4. Translations in context of ONTOLOGICAL in english-russian. HERE are many translated example sentences containing ONTOLOGICAL - english-russian translations and search engine for english translations
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  1. (PDF) The Ontology of Organizational Paradox: A Quantum
  2. Fan Theories #18 : The Ontological Paradox Of River's
  3. Temporal paradox Tardis Fando
  4. The Ontology of Organizational Paradox: A Quantum Approach
  5. The Great Ontological Paradox - Executive Intelligence Revie
  6. 3 Paradoks Waktu Paling Fenomenal Di Dunia - Bicara Indonesi
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